Tuesday, November 3, 2015


One of my favorite views.

 An organizing gal!

 Her 'go to' as mom would unpack/organize and hang photos.
 My two year old discovered hiding library books was fun...


Introducing the skeleton, Ariel, Elsa and Zombie Mountain Biker!!


Fun traditions and fall activities.  Kiddos were 'off track' - a new concept for me with year round school, but it's been a fun month to enjoy together!

Oh, and always a crazy feeling - switching over the license plates!

Baby Blessing!

Finally 'settling' in one place, we were excited for Abigail's Blessing.

It was wonderful to have the support from family members.

She wore the same dress has her two older sisters, and like them, also wore the shoes I had been blessed in.

While the timing was a lot at once, we are so grateful for this gift in our lives.  She's an amazing addition to the family, and are so grateful for the opportunity we have to be her parents.  Her siblings love her so much, and it's amazing to see them build a relationship with one another!

We Moved In

Wahoo!  Move in day arrived!

Zero pics taken - but I will recap saying it was pretty crazy/stressful trying to align everything between the closing and the movers bringing our stuff over (so grateful to have that blessing of movers with a company relocation), but it was crazy trying to get the timing right.

And we had a really small window to move in before hubs left town for a work trip.

Timing was everything.

When it was all said and done, we moved in, and the hubs had three days to help me out before he was outta town for a little over a week.

The girls were troopers with me.  Between feedings, we'd attack the unpacking.  Having unpacked from packers, I know it's a little crazy.  Their goal is to pack according to weight, and safety.  Not for how you'd always organize things yourself.  So it's pretty overwhelming when you open "one box" only to realize you need to open all the boxes for the whole room to get things unpacked.  And then still find things in odd places. 

It felt overwhelming, but tackling it a room at a time was so helpful.

Closets (hanging)
Family Room
Kids Rooms 
Melting pot from there!

And with the unpack, I realize how very blessed we are, and really try to think about the items and the need for our family.  Letting go of what we don't need and giving it to places/people that do have needs is much better than having it sit around for 'in case we need it again.'  It takes time, and I feel like is a constant battle, but is worth the effort!!

Hubs sent a beautiful pic of his work trip to Maine:

 Oops!  Washed the 2 year olds' FAVORITE BOOK EVER!!
 Dumping out ALL the toys was the only way to unpack them.  And declutter.  Declutter.  Declutter!! We easily let go of 50% of the chunk, and the kids haven't missed them.


We had only been back to Utah for a couple weeks when my oldest began asking endless questions about the mountains.  Names, elevations, trails, he was fascinated.

His interest, coupled with my new 'perspective' of living near mountains again, really opened our minds to the beauty that surrounds us.  And, we began making the habit of family time in the mountains.  Since it was late summer/early fall (and we had a newborn + two year old), often our 'adventures' were quite simple and small.

But they loved it.  And I loved it.  Unplugging and connecting with nature - auh-mazing for the mind and soul.


Then came the fun part.

School began.  We were still about 5 weeks out from moving in (although we didn't know that at the time - we thought it was 2-3 weeks!).  

We were living a good :45 - 1 hour away from it all.

It was an awkward window of time.

And there was a TON of debate and conversation with "what to do."  But, with all the solutions to make it easier on me, I really knew the best solutions for the kiddos was to start them in school.  Not to wait, not to enroll them somewhere else, but get them moving forward in their new chapter.

Which meant a commute.

Not two times a day, but four (thanks to a full day third grader and a half day kindergartener).

So grateful for the help I had from my dad and hubby who were able to pick up some of the morning drop offs for our full day guy.

And for my sis allowing us to crash at her house when we were 'in-between' places for the day.

In short, it was tough.  A strong willed two year old who wanted to have 'fun' all day, and who of course wanted to start potty training (I bribed her in every way to hold her off on that one until we moved in), and a newborn, who wasn't sleeping.  So mama was tired.

But we funny little things were blessings.  

Like we had AUH-mazing weather almost the whole 5 weeks.  There were fun parks to go to every day.  We discovered all kinds of things - like the closest public bathroom to our house, that McDonalds will give you ice water in the large cups for ridiculously cheap, I was able to do a handful of outdoor workouts (when I had the "energy"), and we'd drive by the house daily - simply to see if it might be 'ready' yet.  I focused on taking it all one day at a time.

Some days were longer than others, and clearly, I needed to learn the value of patience.  Breathing.  And enjoying the present moment.

Can't say I'm an expert at any, but it's good to look back and know we did something that felt so hard at the time.