Saturday, November 17, 2012


While I've spent a good chunk of time talking about Max and his transition, I've failed to mention our little peanut.

She was SUPER excited to start her first day of preschool.  As this was going on while Max was struggling, I wondered how much of an effect this would have on her.  She was hilarious.  "Mom, I'm going to be really brave and meet lots of new friends," she'd say as I drove her to school.  "Mom, I am so brave for going to school." She listened in on everything, and took it to heart (in a good way!).

Whenever you ask what she does in school, she'll respond "oh, we did math and writing."  Or, "I did a lot of reading today."  So hilarious how she listens to everything her big brother says and then follows suite.

Wearing her favorite skirt for the big first day!  This girl could wear skirts every day of the week!

We also told her that when we moved to Omaha, she'd get to start a dance class.  She's been asking to do it for awhile and was so EXCITED for the first class.  Such a cute little peanut!  Definitely a highlight for her every week!

For halloween week, they all got to wear their costumes and then did a few little dances for the parents. She was so into it.  Max watched it all (like a good brother), and even said "mom, she was really doing those dances good!"  Funny.

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