Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas 2012

Seriously the best.  Every year, the season becomes a bit of whirlwind, and I have to consciously stop and enjoy the moment.  Enjoy the fun little stuff.  We loved reading Christmas stories this year.  Couldn't get enough of them.  Kids loved the Christmas Train.  My favorite is always The Three Trees.  Mental goal set for myself for next year to pull together more of those stories to read all month long.

Put a big focus at home on gratitude for the month.  And, while there are always kinks in the road, I have to say it resonated with the kiddos well.  Love it when you can see things click in those minds.  Love that we've created family traditions.  And love that we're going to keep building off of them.

Before we knew it, we were on to Christmas Eve.  Had a great dinner and a fun time at our friends home from church.  The kids acted out the nativity (well, Max was actually the only one from our family.  By that point, Tayler was crawling into their kitchen, and Alexis was ready to fall asleep on Mike's lap).  But, it was fun.  

And, while we weren't with our extended family for the holiday, skype was awesome.  Used it Christmas Eve and Christmas.  Putting faces to everyone, and visiting was so great, and the kids really enjoyed seeing everyone.  

Some things I managed to take pics of are below.  For some reason, I'm terrible at taking photos on the"big" holidays.  I get caught up in trying to enjoy it in the moment, and realize that we didn't take pics later!  

Leaving out treats for the big guy and his reindeer.  Checked out locations just prior to bedtime.

 Reading The Night Before Christmas.
 Hanging our stockings.  Yes, those are bags.  My mind has an image of homemade stockings that will be hung one day, but since I haven't wrapped time into that thought, and refuse to buy something just to have it, we use still use these bags.  And, at the end of the day, they still do the same thing.

And, if you look close, you'll see our ornaments start about a 1/3 up the tree.  That's thanks to #3.  :)
 Morning of.  It rocked.  Didn't take the pre-pick of the wrapped presents, but hey, the kids were so excited to open them.  Max was convinced he heard the reindeer the night before, and couldn't demonstrate the sound enough on our floors.

He couldn't wait to play with the green ninja.  Alexis was so excited to have a doll with hair.

Tayler loved all the packaging.

 The elves built this cardboard pirate ship and left it in the basement.

 Getting ready for some german pancakes for breakfast.

So grateful we can give and enjoy such a happy time, and develop such a happy memory.  The day was full of skyping, lots of generosity from our families, and lots and lots of smiling faces.  Finished off with some dominos, playing a new matching game, legos and a Christmas movie.

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