Sunday, February 17, 2013

5.5 more to go

Weeks that is.  Of "zero weight on the leg" for Mike.

Turns out the injury I mentioned here needed more than just some time and physical therapy.  Mike had knee surgery last week, and in addition to trimming meniscus and floating cartilage, had some microfracture surgery done in two places that are already bone on bone.

His torn ACL is staying as is for now.  Here's hoping this buys him some more time with his real knee.

Times like this make us both so grateful for the little things.  Like walking.  Or riding a bike.  Or carrying your one year old around.  Or getting around in a parking lot/store.  Running errands.  And that this is only temporary (which we are hugely grateful for).  1/2 a week down, 5.5 more to go! 

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Rob said...

Sorry bro. Nice shirt, though.