Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Before having Tayler, I wondered what things would be like with three kids.  Many people told me that three felt like ten, and that you'd never feel like you had time for each of them.  And, while those words ring truth, I also love the dynamics of it all.  I love having time with both the girls while Max is at school, and while it really is busy, and while I really don't get everything done (who does?), these random pics of random moments really are some of the best.  Sure the kids don't always smile and look like this (who does?) but capturing the times when they do is the best freeze in time.  So grateful that I get to spend this time with them and that we have the opportunity to raise a family.

A princess tea party:
 Alexis really wanted to dress up Tayler.  She actually played along.  Alexis had on a similar outfit when she was a baby, and wanted to be sure Tayler had something similar for her picture.
 Alexis had a turn taking some pics.  I love this one that she captured of me and Tayler.

As I was organizing some of our drawers, Alexis set out to organize her crayons.  Arranged them all by color in each box.  A great idea actually and they are much easier to find!

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