Friday, May 17, 2013

The end of school is approaching!

And I am so excited!  This year has been a really good year for Max.  He's made huge improvements, both academically and with his confidence levels from the start of the year.  We've noticed it, and his teacher has commented a couple times over the last month how much she's seen him take off.  Awesome to watch and be part of.  Awesome to see things click for him which create a chain reaction of the next thing clicking faster and faster.  Especially with reading.  I love the development we had of teaching him to read.  It was a process, and so, so gradual.  I remember listening to him ages ago wondering when it would all click and take off.  And then it happens.  Not just the satisfaction of the early reading, but when they pick up some serious reading material and just take off.  And you watch a whole new world open.  Love talking to him about progress and looking at the confidence in his eyes because he knows how much he's progressed too.

With things coming to a close, he participated in the first grade music program.  With a farm theme, his class was supposed to wear black or white (like a cow).

 And, on a completely different day, but a day that I still remember loving in elementary too - field day. Parents were invited to watch, and it was sure fun seeing the action.  His grandparents happened to be in town and were able to catch a peek too.

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