Thursday, February 27, 2014

Think she made a mistake?

We had to reschedule our first ultrasound appt. because Mike and I both came down with a stomach bug (as if I hadn't thrown up enough over these last few months already!).  Max was super bummed, as he'd anticipated going for ages.  I was too.  Completely frustrated.

But, a week later, we were rescheduled and back on track.  We took Max and Alexis with us (something I'd highly recommend!).  Tayler hung out at a friends house (I don't know many two year olds who would be too interested in it all anyway!).  Their eyes were like saucers looking at the screen as they saw the baby move.  Figuring out the body parts was funny at first.  Alexis kept saying, "oh I see the head" and it wasn't it at all.  But after a couple minutes they started to see the baby, wiggling fingers, kicking legs, and little feet on the screen.

Then it was time for the gender shot.  Max had been praying for ages that we'd have a boy, so you can imagine the anticipation he had.  When the tech revealed it was a GIRL, Alexis let out a little scream of excitement.  Mike and I were of course excited, and Max went dead silent.

So quiet, that we kind of waited for him to say something.  So the room went totally quiet.  I awkwardly started talking to Alexis, and heard Max whisper to Mike "think she made a mistake?"

After we made it out of the room, I couldn't wait to get their reactions on video.  Completely priceless.  Another favorite are these pictures I took before we left.

I loved having them there and hearing their natural reaction to it all.  Sure, it wasn't all glorious and rosy, but it was real, and that really is what life is about.  Managing expectations, overcoming disappointment, and moving forward.

Even better was a couple days later at bedtime.  Max had just finished brushing his teeth when he turned to my belly and said, "hey little cutie in there, I'm your big brother" in the softest sweetest voice he has.

He's coming around.

And we're tickled pink.


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Rob said...

When I found out that Amy was going to be a girl (obviously) and not a boy, I went in my room and cried. Tell Max I know how he feels.