Thursday, September 27, 2018

Ft. Myers

We were so grateful to spend time together with a few of Mike's coworkers and their families in Ft. Meyers. I'm scratching my head a bit that we never took a picture of everyone together, but it seems when we're all either in the pool or at the beach, we're all beautifully unplugged, and that's a memory worth cherishing just as much as any photo.

The red tide was still in swing, and while we were in the southern pocket of it, you could tell it was around. Beyond chasing the crabs, we really didn't play "in" the water as much as we would typically. But that didn't stop us from having a wonderful time together! Kite flying, beach volleyball, and digging in the sand. We loved the accessibility of the pool! It was pretty amazing to stay at a place where you could walk in and out of a pool right next to the beach!

We surprised the kiddos with a jet ski rental and they had such a blast! Mike and I took turns taking everyone out. I loved all of their reactions and how they each absorbed the speed and the overall experience of being in the ocean differently. And it was really interesting to get out on the ocean - the water was amazingly clear, and no signs of the red tide were anywhere to be found. So interesting!

Abigail screamed and giggled the whole time - she said "this is amazing!" over and over and told me "it was like a roller coaster on the water." Tayler laughed and laughed. Alexis loved seeing the shoreline and LOVED the speed. She held on tight and wanted to go as fast as possible. Max loved everything about it and was fascinated how you could move and turn so easily on them. I think I had a permanent smile.

The view from our room that morning. The sunrise was beautiful!!

 We're all fascinated by the sea turtles this time of year. Loved this info letter from the hotel!

So grateful to create these memories together. There are so many beautiful places to discover!

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