Monday, December 16, 2013

Quick Trip

We drove down for a weekend trip to Kansas City.  Mike had meetings the afternoon we arrived, so I took the kids to the Hallmark headquarters where they have a free art center for kids.

We stayed close to downtown the first night, and then stayed at a hotel/indoor waterside park the next night (the kids favorite place).  The trip was COLD (although it was warmer than Omaha by a few degrees!), so it was nice to go swimming when it was so cold outside.  We actually stayed right across from the soccer championship cup game (Kansas City vs. Real), and it was odd to actually see Utah license plates.  As we drove to dinner, we passed the stadium right as KC scored a goal - just in time to catch a few fireworks and hear some crowd cheers.

Dinner was at one of the kids (and my) favorite restaurants.  Dinosaurs are everywhere, and the food actually isn't bad!

We headed back to the hotel where Santa came to visit, and the lobby snowed during story time.  Super fun trip!

Alexis could have stayed at the art place all day.  She loved the unlimited access to markers, paint, paper, scissors and tape.  I think that's what her dream room would be like.

 Tayler loves ears.  She's always preferred to suck on her two middle fingers (never did a pacifier), and loves to grab onto an ear.

 Max had on his Nebraska Huskers hat as we went in to the restaurant.  He's quick to want to catch into the local scene, and on the whole trip had been turning it around to have it look like a red hat.  He kept watching locals and what team they seemed to root for.  At the restaurant, he was walking with me when another diner came over to him and said "Go big red!" (in reference to his Nebraska hat that he'd forgotten to turn around).  Max was hilarious.  He looked at him, looked at me, did this little "uh, uh" dance and then said, "no, go chiefs!" to root for Kansas City.  We laughed at how quick he is to change team love.

We didn't know how Tayler would react to Santa (such a wild card at that age).  Since Max and Alexis had both been screaming/crying scared at that age, we really didn't expect much from Tayler.  She was a surprise.  The social little thing walked right up to him and said "hi."  She went on Max's lap and kept rubbing Santa's soft sleeve.  She stayed up just long enough for the picture and a candy cane then was off, like it was no big deal.  Completely fit with her social, happy personality.

 Loved this pic of Alexis as she watched the snow fall in the lobby.

This girl thinks hotels, and vacations in general, are a big party.  Loves to go completely crazy.  Eventually, she does finally crash and go to sleep.


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Lorena said...

Ella does the same thing with the ears, but she still sucks her first two fingers on her left hand. Kids are so weird! (Rob, not Lorena)