Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Two More Feet

That's how much we'll be growing in July.  As a family that is!

Maybe Mike and I are crazy.  Maybe we've caught the midwest bug where 4 kids seems not only manageable, but pretty dang normal.  Maybe we decided the three munchkins we had were cute enough that we'd throw another one into the mix.  Maybe we just like the whole parenting gig enough to keep it up for another one.  Who knows.

It's all for good reason.  And the kids are pumped.  Max tells me all the time it should be our turn to have a boy again.  Too bad the odds really are against him.   Only time will tell.

Up until this week, I've been pretty dang sick.  Hands down the worst I've ever been.  Life went into a bit of a essentials only hold (hence the blog posting delay), and so many things were held off, missed completely, or skipped over the last 2 1/2 (almost 3!) months.

Have I been grouchy?  You bet.  Have I had days where I just wanted to crawl into a hole?  You betcha.  Have I rolled over in the morning, only to hope I could just roll back over and go back to bed? More often than I could probably count.

Mike kept reminding me I'd turn the corner at some point.  And sweet Max would jump on the bandwagon and if I had a certain look of I'm-going-to-puke-again-keep-an-eye-on-your-sisters-until-I-get-back, he'd smile, hold up his hand and say, "mom, your driving and the corner is right here.  You'll make the turn soon."

Little patient Alexis, who probably dealt with the most boring-mom-ever these last couple of months prayed for my tummy to feel better every night.  And gave the best hugs.

And Tayler was oblivious to it all.

Thank goodness those kids have a lot of patience and forgiveness in them!!

When I hit the peak (the peak being no food would work for a few days, and I was pretty much stuck in bed sipping on fluids to avoid a trip to the hospital), Mike swept in like Mary Poppins and wrangled it all.  And then was smart enough to pass along my symptoms to some of our friends at church who then pitched in when he went back to work.

What have I learned from it all?  Something that I've learned before, but seem to be reminded of every once in awhile - that it's always okay to ask for help.  Because we all need it at some point.  And while all those negative, depressing emotions seemed to overwhelm me at times, I really found some of the best medicine was to just keep doing something normal.  Keep moving, keep teaching classes, keep exercising, keep going forward.  When every part of me wanted to just freeze and be still for an entire day, instead choosing to move forward, and remind myself that even though everything didn't feel good then, it would feel good at some point.  And, that it is all for a really good reason.  Was it tough?  You bet.  But, looking back, while we missed lots of our little holiday traditions, the kids still have great memories.  While I may not have done all that I had hoped to, I did do some things.  And while I wasn't the happiest mom all the time, I at least remembered to apologize, and then tried to be better.  

Gladly, the corner is definitely turning (whew!).


Rob said...

Huge congratulations! But, ouch, that sounds like a rough time! Weird how every pregnancy is so different (just like every child, I suppose) and you probably felt like you knew just what to expect and then you got hit with a ton of bricks.
And, even if you may have felt like the most-boring-mom-ever, it doesn't sound like your kids thought if it that way because you were still there for them. Very sweet the way Max responded!

Rob said...

above from lorena

The Nortons said...

That is so exciting! I hope that you start to feel better. Good luck!