Sunday, July 6, 2014

Move Update

A little over a month ago we started the process of our new chapter.  Lots of moving parts - and lots of conversations over the phone at night as Mike spent most of the working days in June in Utah while we hung out in Nebraska (although I'm not sure that hung out is the right verbiage.  More like survived?).

Honestly, when we first started tackling everything, I felt pretty dang overwhelmed (and still do at times).  Let's be honest, piecing together the idea of selling a home (while your husband is in another state), buying a home (that you won't actually go out to see), having a baby, and then actually moving and starting all the new stuff that comes with a move + a newborn and all of the above happening in less than a 2 month time period, the list seems a little daunting.

But, I have to say, that once we took the step into the direction that we both knew we were supposed to go, our lives have been filled with more blessings than we can count.  From the big ones, like selling our house in only 6 days, and then finding one that very same week, to the little ones like cute primary girls dropping off dinner for me and the kiddos one night, or someone calling me to take the kids for a few hours so I can tackle some of the to do list stuff.

I've taken a step back this weekend and realized that it truly is amazing to see how The Lord really knows and works the finest details of your life.  We've been so grateful to become branches with some really great people here who have long established roots.  It's been awesome to glimpse into their family roots and get to stem from part of it, even if our time here has been relatively short.

It also makes me realize how important all of the little things really are in life.  From stepping out to think about what someone might need - not on a big or even grand scale, but something small and simple - and how it really makes a difference in their life.

Things are moving on and forward.  Baby girl will be arriving on Thursday (if not sooner), and then we'll have two weeks left in our Nebraska home before we head out to Utah.

Yep, it's a tight timeline, but I'm so grateful that she'll get to be born here in Nebraska.  Just as Tayler won't remember a thing about Minnesota, I'm so grateful that she was born there - a beautiful way to talk about the awesome people and memories we had there.  And, our new babe will get to enjoy the same conversations about her birth, and our life, in Nebraska.

I feel grateful for change.  Not because it is anything close to comfortable or easy, but because it is something that builds who we are.  I look back on the great memories we've had here with a big heart of nostalgia, but at the same time a big heart of gratitude that we took the step to experience it all.

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