Thursday, June 12, 2014

The tradition continues...

Maybe you've been reading long enough to remember this post, or this one.  But, we're at it again.  Starting a new chapter.  Mike's company is merging, and he'll be taking a new position - this time in Salt Lake City, Utah!

We're excited, overwhelmed, stressed, happy and grateful all at once.

Because of course, we're selling and buying a new home, Mike's starting a new job (same company, but new stuff), and we're throwing in having a baby all in pretty much the same month.

Or to add a bit of detail, I'll be vacuuming the carpet oodles for every showing (the house went up this week), Mike will be working between the two states and house hunting solo (pick a good one!), and we'll pause just long enough to be in the same place for the gift of a new little person to join our family. And then we'll actually move.


Thankfully, the last time we moved with a newborn (when I said out loud that I'd never do it again), we were able to learn a few things to better prepare us for this time around.

And, while all the pieces of the puzzle haven't been figured out, I really am grateful.

Grateful that we've been able to explore, get out of our comfort zones, and meet some super awesome people.  Grateful that we've been blessed with the journey of adventure and a little unknown, and that choosing to step out of our comfort zone has led us to a place we never would have expected.  Grateful for the confidence and perspective moving has given not only Mike and I, but our kids as well.  Grateful that we get to keep enjoying the journey - not deciding what or where our end result will be, but instead knowing that what matters most is the opportunity we've had to learn and grow from our experiences.

On my wall right now, I have the quote, "your happiness is not behind you, it is before you, cherish it!"    Typically, I like to change up our chalkboard quote quite frequently, but this one has been there for a good month, and I still find comfort in it reading it every day.  Because while all of this really feels stressful and crazy at times, I know and have no doubt that we're on the path the Lord wants us to be on.  And that these are times to cherish.


Rob said...

Good luck with the move. It's funny to think you guys have moved as often as we have!

Kristin said...

K, I thought I had commented awhile ago, but I'm excited for you guys to be close to family! And I'm happy that the next time we're in Utah I can actually see you!